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      Shana – I have terrible blues. I am seeing double typing this. Yesterday I went to the Dr. again as my right eye has been very puffy and they told me to call and make an appointment when it acted badly again. I phone on Monday and they can’t take me until Thursday – then of course it is not as bad. Every time it gets so puffy on the eyelid and bag below my eyes of fluid I get scared about going blind. I asked about this and could I have a good Christmas without worrying. I get no helpful answers. Just this will go away in six months to two years. I has already been nearly a year!! Then the Doctor will operate on my other eyelid and that should help. There is sooo much to do at this time of year and most of it should be fun as you say but it becomes a chore. We are just on our way out to get some shopping done, have dinner and get the tree. This should be a joyous occasion but I am dragging myself to go out. There must be something that can help. I try to feel happy for the husband and life I have but sometimes it is tough and the old self pity creeps in. Let’s just all keep ourselves up during this season. There really are people who are suffering a lot more than me!! Thanks for listening. SAS

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        It’s normal, but the graves can make you deoressed quite nicely. If you still feel jittery by monday
        you should go in for a blood test sooner. Hey keep your hin up, or something like that.

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          Christmas and the associated shopping are stressful even if you’re
          not a GDer. So when you add GD to the top of your tree, no wonder
          you have the blues.

          My sweet husband asked me if I wanted a tree this year and I said, “No.”
          He didn’t even push the issue. My shopping is done, thanks to mail
          order catalogs. The gifts are wrapped, but have no bows. We’re going
          to make it through this season and try to count our blessings. Last
          night we watched a special TV broadcast honoring Frank Sinatra’s 81st
          birthday. His daughter asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He
          said he just wanted another birthday! I guess what I want for Christmas
          is a peaceful day so I can try to remember the reason for the
          celebration without focusing too much on myself, something I have
          become very good at doing. Thank you all for the special roles you play
          in my life. Nite-nite!


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            Hi everyone,
            Has anyone experienced sadness during a time when your suppose to be
            happy and full of life? I don’t have an ounce of the spirit of
            Christmas in me yet, It will be here soon and I’m starting to get so
            stressed out because everyone expects a smiling face this time of year.
            I’m thinking I maybe Hyper again, for a week now I’ve been experiencing
            a case of the”jitters” along with headaches.
            I’m due for a blood test at the end of the month,maybe I should get checked
            before that, I don’t know maybe I’m using GD has an excuse,maybe I’m just
            the Christmas grinch.
            Hopefully this feeling will pass soon.
            Thanks for listening,

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