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      anyone else have graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism and mysterious digestive issues?

      i was diagnosed with graves’ disease as a teen, but my symptoms didn’t feel disruptive at the time and no one really explained it to me well, so i dismissed it.
      i’m now navigating some increasingly disruptive mysterious digestive problems and am wondering if it could be linked. the symptoms:

      – reflux-like symptoms for about four years but none of the treatments for reflux have helped
      – increasing instances of intense nausea, abdominal cramping, and fatigue after eating seemingly random foods
      – hypertension and high cholesterol (a very new and unusual issue for me)

      has anyone else navigated similar issues? would love to know about your symptoms, any diagnoses/causes you eventually found, and treatments that have or haven’t helped. doctors have been wildly unhelpful so far, so i’m hoping to learn more about other folks’ experiences to try to figure out this puzzle.

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        Hello and welcome – hopefully, you will get some other responses here, but you might also check out our Facebook group, which is more active right now. (Search for @GDATF, then click “join group” in the upper right corner.)

        Hyperthyroidism itself can come with digestive issues, but also note that patients with Graves’ are at risk for additional autoimmune diseases. There are multiple autoimmune disease that can affect the digestive tract, so a gatroenterologist might be able to help you pinpoint the cause and help you find the right treatment.

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          Thanks so much, Kimberly!

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