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      A lot of how you feel and how you react to situations depends on where the disease is at any given time. I’ve had it for so long now that I see three or four years ago I reacted differently than I would now. One of my doctors kept saying the disease was “hot” which was his way of saying it was in control and we hadn’t slowed it down with meds or anything else yet. I too have had the foggy brain and irrational acts that are certainly part of this disease. Many of the symptoms people mention I am thankful I have not had, but many of them I have had, some in the past and some present. Graves is not a static disease. It is on the move and doing something to you whether or not you recognize it. I agree not every ache or pain is from gd, but many of us recognize the difference. You must be feeling much better.

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        Looking back at the posts leading up to this reply I am astounded that anyone could be so insensitive to the feelings of others. I didn’t hear anyone making excuses. I heard them having the courage to confront their situations, take the risk to be transparent about them and move forward.


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          Just when you think it was safe…..

          I think what we have here folks is a little, itty-bitty troll who obviosuly
          thinks that it can come on to a support BB and spew forths its little, itty-bitty
          thoughts. Sorry little, itty-bitty troll, you have placed yourself beneath
          my notice and I shall ignore you from here on out.

          Jean C
          (who is not afraid to post her real name and email address)

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            go away fly like bird

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              Well you, whoever you are dear, are likely to hear alot about this post.
              Unfortunately, for many people, GD effects-symptoms do mimic many
              symptom configurations that are mental health diagnoses. These include
              Anxiety-all the way to panic attacks, depression on a spectrum from mild
              to severe, mood swings, lack of concentration, memory loss, speech articulation problems
              and general loss of ability to approach problems and people with the same sense of self
              and whatever level of maturity and confidence previously mustered in life.
              Now as one gets diagnosed and realizes the complexity and how to care for one’s self and begins tratment, these things can be overcome.
              As the thyroid levels descend and some normalcy returns, coping etc, improves.

              As for other aches and pains…well sure, some foks have multiple problems, but the thyroid is the master gland and
              it does effect effect and effect the body and all its systems. I will be posting some info at some point about the most common complaints
              notd by the respondants.
              I hope others will understand your concerns as an effort to take care of yourself. We each need
              to find the outlook that helps us. I can understand that reading some of the
              post is not uplifting. I think it is wise to search the post for the imformation that will
              help you and understand that we each struggle in our own way. I respect that you are searching for a postive mindset, seeing all the troubles in life you could but don’t have.
              there is of course truth in what you say, but maybe it is hard to be as compassionate as usual with the pains of others right now?
              It is a lot to read this board. Take good care of yourself. Wishing you well. Jeannette

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                I have to say it, Graves has many many symptoms and creates havoc in lives, but I really don’t think we can complain and blame everything from mental illness to making Graves responsible for our actions. Come on. I to have GD, and sometimes it’s up and down. But at least I don’t have some major life threatening disease, like Huntingtons, cancer, Parkinson’s, Lupus, and I can go on and on. I think the tendancy for some people is to let a disease be the reason for every ache and pain, every problem, every failed relationship – oh, it’s not my fault, it’s because I have Graves. I’m not saying GD doesn’t cause us to react to situtations differently than we normally would, but it certainly isn’t the reason for alot of behaviors. Please! And every ach and pain is not caused by GD. If this isn’t what most people on the board want to hear, I’m sorry. I have alot of the symptoms that everyone else has, but, so…Seems the more complaints I read, the worse I feel, and it could certainly be so much worse than having GD.

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