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      I can sympathize with your apprehension. I was there a week and a half ago. RAI was not what I wanted, but I was left with no choice. It was scary, worrying about thyroid storm, what if it doesn’t work, will I pick up free pay channels? For me, all went smoothly, at least so far. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed in my head. At least now I feel as though I’ve done something about this whole mess. Hang in there and don’t let you mind create too many monsters!


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        Hello Everyone,

        It seems that we thought I was in remission because I was below hypo
        readings. So my dr took me off PTU for the past month we took a blood test this
        past monday and the GRaves is back. I have a reading of 16 limit 12 so it is creeping up

        So On Tuesday I go and get the pill, wednesday they take the scan. And I think
        the dr wrote in there that I am getting the I 131 therapy right away. Because
        he said make an appt for one month after the therapy.

        I am scared of having a thyroid storm. I am on heart meds. I take them all the time.

        Please respond to I will surely read that mail.

        Any commments or support are welcome.

        Annette Marie

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          Please don’t take my reply as yelling. I just think like when we have the RAI it
          is like killing the messenger because of the message.

          Thanks for the reply. I just hate the thought of killing a part of me. I mean
          it was meant to be good for me to have this part the thyroid. I wish
          there was something we could do about the antibodies instead of killing
          the innocent victim the thyroid. It just seems too drastic.

          why can’t there be someway of rooting out the antibodies and killing the ones
          that are harming my thyroid. huh. It seems like we are cutting off
          the arm because it is broken.

          Please excuse my orneriness, I just have a difficult time accepting that I
          have to kill a part of myself.

          Annette Marie

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