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      I was diagnosed with Graves a couple of months ago and just had radioactive iodine therapy a few days ago. However, for a decade or so I’ve had a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome/chronic constipation. I’ve tried lots of OTC medications and have been on prescription Linzess at the lowest of three doses for a year. I hate Linzess, just for the record, because it causes significant diarrhea and frequency, and I often feel that I’m not much better off than I was before it was prescribed (not to mention that under my current insurance plan, it’s extremely expensive). Anyway, there seems to be some overlap with Graves, such as frequent bowel movements. Also, I’ve experienced several incidents that I believe were anxiety attacks, and I’ve also attributed those to the stress of IBS but have noticed them also on the list of Graves symptoms. I know it’s hard to sort out what causes certain symptoms, since many conditions have the same ones, but I’m wondering now how much of what’s been going isn’t strictly gastro. And, if the Graves disease is treated successfully, could I stop taking that horrible drug? Something tells me that my endocrinologist won’t be an expert on gastrointestinal problems, and the GI doc won’t know much about the thyroid. How in the world am I supposed to get any good advice? I’ll bring this up when I see the endocrinologist and plan to make an appointment with the GI doctor as well, probably after my first follow-up, but I have a sinking feeling that I’ll be left to figure this out on my own. Anyone else out there with both of these conditions who can offer some tips?

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        I have had IBS-D for years. When diagnosed with Graves 5 years ago, it maybe got a bit worse, but after thyroidectomy returned to its preGraves baseline. Every time I see my GI doc, he always reminds me of the “brain-gut axis,” and he is absolutely right. The gut is like your second brain, and there is communication between the two. Too involved and complicated to go into here, but if you research it, I think it will answer some of your questions. I trust my GI doc. I no longer even see the endo, my internist or her nurse practitioner manage my thyroid replacement.

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