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      HI Everyone
      I remember reading somewhere that tumors of the testes and ovaries could cause graves to manifest itself. About four months ago I had surgery for an abcess on my ovary and fallopian tube and the left ones were removed. Prior to this the raging infection had me very sick and stressed out. The surgery stressed me even more. It seems the symptoms appeared after the surgery. Other than these two things I cant think of anything else that could have brought this on. Anyone have something similar happen?
      My heart rate is pretty normal now on beta blockers but am still having the weakness and tiredness. I”m especially feeling very weak leg and arm muscles, spasms or twitches and generally shakiness in those limbs.
      I’m guessing now that the beta blockers arent ging to help with this. I suppose I answered one of my own earlier questions about being treated with only beta blockers. Ah well…live and learn.
      Good luck,

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