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      I had headaches for years that I thought was allergy or sinus trouble
      or too much reading and I self medicated for these. Now that I have
      Graves Opthalm.
      and know of all the associated problems e.g. photosensitivity etc. I
      know most of the time that what I think are headaches are actually eye
      pains (as an Opthalm. Specialist just last week told me in his “rock-like”
      empathetic way – eye troubles do not give you headaches!!!!)
      Anyway its worth looking at what you call a headache maybe it is eye pain.
      Mine weren’t stress induced either.Hope this helps.

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        I was just curious to know if most people with GD also suffer
        from severe headaches at times?
        Ever since I got this disease I can usually tell if I’m hypo or hyper
        due to the headaches that I get.
        Since there is no Endo where I live I mentioned it to my GP, she
        said it is probably stress induced, I’m not certain.
        Anyone have some input on this?

        Shannon :)

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          Kathleen I think your right when you associate the eye disease with
          headaches. Before I got this disease I was an avid reader, a real
          bookworm so to speak:)
          Now I find it difficult to read for long periods of time because my
          eyes start to hurt, and that I know is one reason for my headaches.

          I also find that I cannot stay at the computer for long periods of
          time, even with a glare screen, without getting a headache!
          I grew up loving books, loving to read. I still do, it just takes me
          a little (sometimes alot) longer to get through a certain book.
          But knowledge is power, and most of that knowledge comes from books.
          Sometimes I think our “specialist” should take out their text and
          do a little refresher course :-)

          Thanks for your input. All the best,


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            I began getting severe headaches (they felt like migraines) with the onset of Graves’ Disease – I had never had them like that before.

            They got much better after treatment (RAI and then Synthroid), when my TSH levels became normal.

            However, they’re getting bad again – and my last blood test shows that I’m getting hyper again.

            So… I think the headaches are definitely related to being hyper.

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              I read someone’s message and I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only
              one with bad headaches. I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in January
              of 96 and had my thyroid destroyed in March of 96. I started getting
              migraines when I was 12, but they were never as bad as they are now.
              The pain usually starts in my eyes and then I get spots on my eyes to
              where I can’t see. The pain usually lasts a few hours. My doctor said
              that the headaches are not related to the Grave’s Disease, but I feel
              like they are. I also have a hard time focusing when I’m reading, which
              I’ve never had before. I would be interested to know if anyone else is
              having these problems with headaches and what they’ve done to help.


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                I never had headaches in my life until this past Fall.
                I got splitting headaches every morning, unless I took
                anti-inflammatories before I went to bed. Then I had
                trouble sleeping, and the headaches started coming on
                more during the day as well. I had the first few
                migraines of my life. Not fun. My period stopped in
                September, and I haven’t gotten it since. My sister had
                really bad itching, so she went to the doctor and found out
                she had Graves. My aunt had Graves 10 years ago. My mom and
                grandmother all had thyroid problems as well. I lost about ten
                pounds, my resting heart rate was 98, and my muscles stopped working
                (they would just tremble when I tried to work out.)

                I finally went to the doctor and had a blood test.
                I was most definitely hyperthyroid.
                As soon as I went on Tapazole, my headaches completely subsided.
                Unfortunately, if I try taking ibuprofen for muscle or joint aches (I’m
                very athletic), my body doens’t react very well to it. I get
                really sweaty and nervous.
                So, I don’t really take Ibuprofen anymore, which is probably
                better for me anyway (I used to take it a lot).

                I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW, the raging headaches are gone. My endocrinologist
                didn’t know that headaches were a symptom of Graves.

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