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      Greetings All,

      Having been reading the postings for awhile now and speaking to a number
      of you personally I thought it was time to drop a note. Graves does affect
      job performance for some folks. You need to be honest with your employer and
      tell them if you are having problems. I am an acquisition logistics manager
      for the Dept of the Air Force. I had to stop traveling due to the disease for
      some time. I also could not give briefings because I would forget what I was
      doing in the middle of a presentation. My employer has been fantastic in
      understanding my problems. They have worked with me and been very supportive.
      I know this is not the norm but I believe my being truthfull has helped.

      As for the memory problem that is the most troublesome for me. I have began
      doubting my judgement and I have had other people in my directorate review my
      work to make sure I am not loosing my touch. I have worked out a “code” word
      when I am briefing. If I get lost I look at my coworkers and say “the train
      has left the station” and they know it is a clue that my mind has gone for a
      walk and it will be back. They then say what Jake was saying was etc.etc until
      my mind comes back home and I jump back in and say something and they know my
      mind has come home to roost.

      One other thing you may want to consider is to identify yourself as
      handicapped (most employers have a form for self identification)in case your
      employer at a latter date has a problem with your performance. It does offer
      some protection under the law as to what they can do to you. It took me seven
      years to get to the point where I filled out the paperwork. My employer has
      been great but managers change and I want to be prepared. With the downsizing
      of the Government I felt the need to protect my job.

      The best thing you can do is work with your doctor to get your meds where
      you feel comfortable. I know Rachel was not feeing well and she got her
      doc to up her meds and is doing better. (way to go Rachel). My doc runs
      me borderline hyper. It is what works for me and it was better for my eyes.
      Keep the faith, keep a good sense of humor, and keep writing and talking
      with us. You are not alone and if you are having problems drop a line to
      the board and one of us has probably been there or done that and can provide


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