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      Hi Tepster,

      Welcome to the BB. There are wonderful people here…a built in
      family and support group who are more than happy to help.

      There is a definite link between GD and depression. Your hormones are
      all screwed up right now – I know I felt like I had the worst PMS for
      months! Sometimes all that’s needed for the depression is to get
      your thyroid under control and sometimes you need more help than that.
      If it gets really bad, try to find a psychologist or psychiatrist who
      knows about Graves’. You may also need to have anti-depressants for
      a while. Everyone is different and there is absolutely no stigma
      attached to getting the help you need.

      When I was hyper, I was so tired all the time, too. I think it was
      because my system was in overdrive and I wasn’t sleeping well. Insomnia
      is usually a problem in GD because you’re hyper. Then, if you can
      get some sleep, you are still tired when you wake. It’s a vicious
      cycle but again – it will get better when your levels are under

      Hope this helps and I’m glad they caught you early!

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        Hi Tepster,

        Welcome to the BB. I have only been here about a month. I have
        GD (hyper) and was very ill when diagnosed almost a year ago. And
        yes, feeling extremely tired was one of my symptoms. With your
        body systems racing at such high speeds, it can’t rest. What little
        sleep I could get didn’t do much good. My Endo always asks me how
        I am sleeping and if I feel tired. Hope this helps.

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          This is my first time to this BB since I was diagnosed last week (1/23 to be exact)! I’m really glad I found this resource out on the Web. I’m logged on from work right now (8pm CST), though I have an AOL connection at home.

          I feel very fortunate after reading a lot of other postings. I feel that my GD was caught very early. I have only a few of the symptoms. I wanted to see if anyone had any information on the the link between GD and depression.
          Can the inbalance of the thyroid level cause depression? I apologize if something has been posted out here. If someone could point me to an earlier date when it was discussed, I’ll be happy to read.

          Also, I had another question. I am very tired. That is usually associated with hypothyroidism, not hyperthyroidism. Does anyone have anything to comment on about this? I seem to have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
          My endo said that this isn’t a symptom. I read on a GD list from the NGF web page that it is. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced it while they had hyperthyroidism.


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