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      Ron–could you tell us the sources of research that came up with the information about aspartame you shared? Thanks!

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        Here is something that I emailed to an individual who posted on this BB several weeks ago. I hope this helps explain a little about the ‘supposed’ Grave’s connection.

        –There have never been any studies conducted as to aspartame and Grave’s disease (none that I have ever come across:  work at Kent State U. Research department part-time).  Now wait.
        The studies were conducted as to aspartame and hyperthyroidism.
        Now still wait.
        To many people have associated that hyperthyroidism and Graves are synonymous.  Grave’s disease is a chronic form of hyperthyroidism. Thousands of people suffer from acute or minor forms of temporary hyperthyroidism every year, much more than develop Grave’s.  The problem is in the mechanism of Grave’s compared to the results of the studies. Aspartame was found to stimulate the production of thyroxine by actually, and chemically multiplying TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which caused the hyperthyroidism.
        Grave’s disease involves the autoimmune system, specifically little
        antibodies called thyroid stimulating antibodies that bind to the thyroid and stimulate it.
        Two different mechanisms.  For Grave’s disease to be called graves this has to be the case.  And second, all but a couple of the test subjects returned to normal after discontinuing aspartame rations.  The others were treated for growths on their the thyroid, which continued the symptoms. The governing factor which nobody looks at is that the TSH levels with aspartame induced hyperthyroidism are higher than normal due to the multiplication, as would typically be the case for a hypoactive thyroid. However, Graves disease sees a marked decrease in TSH, because the pituitary senses that the thyroid is producing enough (in this case more than enough) thyroxine, and reduces it’s production.
        Lastly, no one ever diagnosed with Grave’s has ever had success with
        aspartame elimination.  Many who have had other forms hyperthyroidism have had levels drop due to aspartame elimination. I would believe that someone who has been diagnosed with grave’s and has been put on aspartame elimination and it works may have never had grave’s but maybe another form of hyperthyroidism cause by increased TSH.–

        Maybe this helps

        Good Luck,

        That’s what the research says.–

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