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      Hi Dee,

      A Valid question and one that comes up every few months at my local support
      group meetings. For awhile I was paying out more each month in doctor bills
      than my rent. I still pay out over $300 a month on bills to get caught up.
      Twelve eye surgeries and follow up visits and continuing problems do take a
      bit oa cash. Even with insurance it can be hard. I have asked my doctors to
      waive a part or all of the fee that insurance did not cover and most of them
      have done so. What I have been left with is my portion of the hospital bills
      and associated medical supply expenses.

      I also caution folks to look at their insurance bills very closely. I have
      been over charged, charged for visits on days I did not go to the doctor and
      asked to pay the difference between what my insurance paid the doctor and the
      remainder of the bill. My insurance plan has a contract woth the doctors to
      pay a certan amount and the doctor agrees to write off a certan amount and I
      pay a co-pay of $10 a visit. I have had as an example an $850 doctor bill that
      insurance paid $250 for. The doctor per the contract was to write off $600
      but the office manager at the doctor’s office sent me a bill for $600. Even
      sent it to collection when I refused to pay. Took a call to my insurance
      carrier and a copy of my plan sent ot the doctors office to get them to write
      off the bill per the contract. It was harder to get the credit report fixed
      but it was worth not having to pay $600.

      Multiply that by about 4 doctors and you can see how it adds up. I just helped
      a lady in my group with the same problem. We have the same insurance carrier
      and a local doctor did the same thing to her. Charged her for the amount he
      was supossed to write off. Got it fixed and now the doctor makes sure his office
      manager does not try to double bill.

      Hope this helps,


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        Hi Dee,

        I have been thinking about you and I am glad to see you post! Cool!

        Funny you should bring up medical and financial expenses. That is the one of the reasons my husband changed health insurance coverage.
        I was under a health care system that I felt like I kept going back and back to them and felt like I was spinning my wheels. That was so darn frustrating! I have to admit though if was not for those experiences going on last year I would not have found out about this support group. :)

        It took courage to change but I am grateful that my husband and I were on the same page when the time came to make this decission. :)

        Michele B.

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          Hi all,

          I was just wondering how others manage all of
          their medical and financial expenses with this
          disease. I have a good insurance plan through work.
          (PPO provider)

          After having numerous eye surgeries (4), seeing
          numerous specialists this past year, and tests such
          as CT scans, MRI’s, medications by prescription and
          over the counter it seems like I work just to pay to
          turn my paychecks over to the doctors or hospitals.
          This year alone i could have purchased two mansions.
          Sorry to vent, I was just writing out my monthly
          bills and sorting out my insurance statements that I
          have there is a three inch stack of them.

          I talked to a good friend of mine earlier and
          the jist of our conversation was. “What if
          those things you see now as obstacles could be seen instead as GOLD BRICKS?” Anyone can follow the yellow brick road to where you want to be or you can remain stymied by that big wall that seals off any progress you want to make, it all depends on how you look at the obstacles. Changing the perspective on things is the key to developing a positive attitude regardless of what happens to us!

          I’ll leave you with- “Do not overwork to be rich.
          Because of your own understanding cease!
          Will you set your eyes on that which is not?
          For riches certainly make themselves wings:
          They fly like an eagle toward heaven.
          Proverbs 25:4-5


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            As you know we live in a world gone wrong, one that was created perfect but now suffers the ravages of sin
            : death, violated relationships, children born with disabilities and deformities, disease, man’s inhumanity to man, moral failures, tragedies of major proportions, chaos, It is indeed, a broken world. But it is one thing to shake our heads at the mess the world is in: it is quite another to confront the reality of it in our own lives. One layer away, it is sad. But when it hits us, it is ominous.

            Keep your chin up things will get better!

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