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      I read daily, although I don’t often post-usually someone elso is
      asking what I need to know. I had RAI a week ago Wednesday and thanks to
      the BB, I am not panicked at the increased feeling of hyper/neck swelling, etc., although
      I am reassured to read others having experienced the mood swings-and Wanda
      I sure do understand thinking about giving up-my family is really tired of the whole thing
      and so is my boyfriend. They were great for the first month or so after
      diagnosis, but they think it should be over now(3 teenagers and I have been all they’ve
      had for over 16 yrs. now). I am fortunate in that my job has arranged to let me stay
      out until Sept.1-which is part of why I chose to do the RAI-to hopefully get this resolved and get
      my head back on straight. So I try to ride this out-not feeling sorry for myself, I
      hope, but so wishing I could have some energy and clarity of mind
      and inner peace again-like I did in March-geez, was it only that
      long ago? But I want to thank all that post here for the information and
      emotional exchanges-it sure does help to put it in perspective. That and reading the daily newspaper!
      We ARE brave, aren’t we??
      Wishing all health and Independence!

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