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      Hi Melinda,

      I, too finished my Master’s degree in May 99. I went for two years and had Graves’ disease and did not know it. I remember being very stressed over every little thing. Projects, homework (especially all of the work in my Decision Analysis class) and time that it took. I remember before any of my presentations (and there are a lot of them in Grad school) I could feel my heart racing and pounding. Didn’t realize then. My last class was nothing but case studies and group presentations. I was the one who was always elected to present. Graduate school is very stressfull. I was so relieved to be finished and proud. Especially now that I look back and did it while very hyperthyroid. I was diagnosed in September 99 with Graves’ disease. I was rushed to the hospital one night in September with very rapid heartbeat. My Doctor said the stress from grad school just peaked my disease to where it was out of control and needed to be addressed. Stress can cause lots of bad things! I had RAI Dec, 1, 99. Started synthroid in March and currently take about 15 mgs of Atenelol for blood pressure, rapid heartbeat. As u know, we can still have rapid heartbeat/anxiety long after our diagnosis. My Endo said that the Heart is the last thing to recover. I am doing much better than I was in January. From August when I started to feel sluggish to March 2000 was the worst time of my life. I was very sick, depressed, anxiety, exhausted/didn’t know how much longer I could take it. Missed a lot of work. I am finally starting to feel better. My TSH numbers are staying stable which is a good sign. I was used to running everyday and lifting weights, plus, playing hockey. I am only 36. Sure wasn’t expecting graves’s disease to come along. My Doctor told me to start exercising again (slowly)…walks… to recondition my heart and get my endurance back. Going through hyperthyroidism is like the body going through a hurricane. it just takes time, and patience to fully recover.

      take care,

      jeffrey may in Virginia

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