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      Dear Lynn,

      I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain and discomfort!!!
      Jen is sending you a BIG CYBER CHOCOLATE BAR to rub all over your boo-boos!!! I know this will make you feel better!!! :>)
      What do they (the doctors) give you to treat gout?
      You have to get well fast Lynn, so you will be ready to “tear up” Lousiville!!!!!
      Take care of yourself!
      Alias Jen

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        LYNN, LYNN, LYNN, LYNN, LYNN!!!!
        What are ya doin’ to yourself, gal???? How do you expect us to paint the town, tear up Louisville, ifin’ you got BIG FEET???
        Jake says we’ll but your butt in a chair and PUSH you around Louisville!!!! No kidding! Can’t keep a good gal like yourself down now, can we???

        BIG HUGS,

        ps. Feel better and hi to mark for us

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          Went to the Doctor today with major pains in my toes…and the top of my foot.
          Guess what?????? I have GOUT!!! I can hardly walk and the pain
          is excruciating…. I found out that stress can trigger this too and you really have to watch
          what you eat. I had a large plate of liver and onions and
          “Boom” here I am…off my feet for the weekend.
          Sorry… I had to vent to someone… :-(

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            Awwwww…..thanks Jen…You have no idea how much that
            I got a prescription from the Doc for a muscle relasant
            and I amfeeling about 80% better this morning.
            The swelling has gone down a lot and the pain has eased off a bit.
            I guess I am going to have to really watch what I eat.
            and no chocolate is not on the no-no list :-)
            The pain was unbelievable and I just sat last night with
            my feet up and these pills just made me sleep all evening!!!
            But that is just what I needed.
            No problem girl I will be up and ready
            for Louisville, even if I have to crawl.
            Luv LynnthePB

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              Glad to hear you are feeling better this am! Also happy to hear you can still consume CHOCOLATE!!! LOLOLOL!!!
              The meeting you missed was a barnburner of sorts. Will e-mail you with the particulars.

              Have a great weekend!


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                I am so glad to hear that the meds helped you and you are feeling so much better today!!!
                CHOCOLATE does help alot of symptoms you know!!! LOL
                Louisville look out Pookie Bear is on the mend!!!

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