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      Did you try both meds- the T one and the P one?

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        Just my 2 cents worth. My endo told me that if I went the RAI route, I would have to wait A YEAR before trying to get pregnant (I’m 38 and just starting my family, so it was important to know this). I would ask about this if I were you. Good luck!!!


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          Hi all. I’ve benefitted a lot from reading your posts. I was on ATD’s
          about 3 weeks, then yesterday broke out in hives all over. Yuk! Major
          allergic reaction, must stop taking them immediately. OTC antihistimines
          did nothing, even at max dose, so dr. prescribed a stronger one plus
          prednisone, which is working finally. Thought I would claw my own skin
          off, the itch was so bad.

          I had a consultation with the Nuke Doc, we decided to go for it – RAI
          tomorrow afternoon. With ATD’s now out of the question, it is either
          this or go under the knife. I have a phobia about surgery, so….

          I feel well informed by my medical professionals about the effects, risks,
          etc. But I would love to hear, firsthand, from folks who’ve done it –
          get a more subjective opinion or two. I’m especially interested in hearing
          about people who got pregnant after RAI, with good outcomes. I am nowhere
          near completing my family, but running out of time on the biological clock.
          (age 40)

          Words of encouragement/warning also appreciated.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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