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      I got last week’s bloodwork back…the doctor hadn’t had a chance to
      review it and call me, but I nagged the nurse until she told me the numbers.
      My TSH, which I was told could remain suppressed for a while was…
      (drum roll) 4.6!!!!! My T4 was 6.4, in the lower end of the reference range,
      but definitely within normal limits. Yippee!! God is GOOD!

      Does the return of my TSH to appropriate levels (and then some) mean
      anything great like I’m assuming it does? After all, I was only on
      50 mg PTU 3X/day. Now it’s been lowered to 50 mg 2X a day. {Today is the
      4th day of lowering the dosage and I had a slight temperature increase
      which used to happen a few times a day when I was more hyper. I started
      feeling more “up” at the time, a little jittery. But the doc did
      say I was getting too slow, so maybe it’s just something I’ll have to
      adjust to}.

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        I was just diagnosed with hypethyroidism. The doc is not sure if it is
        from thyroiditis or Graves Disease. I will have a thyroid scan next week.
        My blood work was as follows: T3 was 568, T4 was 20.0 and my
        TSH was 0.1. I feel terrible. I am on Inderal for my heart rate which was
        running around 120 and is down to about 85-90 now. I have taken 3
        doses of Trapazole and I feel 50% better now. What else is going to
        happen to me. Will I get better and stay that way or will I have relapses?
        Thanks for any help.

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          Hi, didn’t want to give my real name you all know who i am. I thought
          this would make some of you laugh , i had to go for bloodwork last
          week, i looked at the lab report to see the endo had only crossed in
          on the report to do tsh. well, i wanted to know what my t3 and t4 were
          and i wasn’t going to wait for another 6 months to find out so i checked
          it off myself ,this isn’t what i mean when i say you got to be your own doctor
          with graves ,but in my case i took it one further,i dont suggest anybody to do
          this and will see if i get in trouble this week are not, but ask me if i care.


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            Yes, you’re crazy :) and I did get a good chuckle out of that one! I
            hope you don’t get 50 lashes with a wet noodle for that one! Now let’s
            hope the results show something positive.

            What I don’t understand is why people are having such a problem getting
            their T3 and T4 checked along with the TSH. All I had to do was ask the
            nurse who was drawing my blood, and it was done. No fuss! Is small
            town Minnesota health care so different??


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              I think here in Canada with are free med care that the answer
              is that testing for t3, t4 is that it is expensive and they dont do it so
              often ,because of the government’s flipping for the bill.

              I could be wrong but thats what i think.


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                Dear Canada,

                Seems to me in the long run, getting a patient to feel better
                and regulated on their thyroid medication would be much cheaper
                than not doing the blood test that should be done. Your medical
                care that you refer to, the government flipping the bill and not
                doing the blood work because of the cost, does not just apply
                to Canada. Just ask someone here in the USA about an HMO or
                PPO that are always trying to cut costs and people not getting
                the tests done they should have.

                I know people here it the USA think that we don’t have the
                government flipping the bill here, but what do you call Medicaid?
                Isn’t that the same thing.

                Don’t mean to bust anybody’s bubble but just trying to make a point.

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                  I’m not to sure “crazy” and he knows who I’m refering to is correct
                  in saying the Canadian goverment is trying to cut cost by limiting
                  test. If you tell your doctor to have the lab check for T4 and T3 it
                  shouldn’t be a problem, it’s not coming out of the doctors pocket here
                  in Canada it’s the tax payers of this Country who pay for the general
                  health care system, and the tax payer is the person who pays the
                  doctors salery. There is no such thing has free health care. Maybe if
                  people here in Canada didn’t rush to the doctor for every little sneeze
                  they feel coming on we would be a lot better off.


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