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      Hi nica,
      We CANNOT determine lab results for you. This will have to be done by YOUR physician. The levoxyl is a generic of synthyroid, levothyroid.
      May I ask if you have purchased any of the books off of our suggested reading list? If not, you may want to do so, as they will help you understand this confusing disease a little better. You must remember that everyone is different, no two people being exactly alike. And while something might work for you, it may not work for another.

      Hopefully you’ll be on the mend soon, now that your doctor has put you on meds. Try keeping a journal of how you feel and note any changes. Call your doctor immediately if you start feeling “different” in a bad way.

      Best Wishes,
      Online Facilitator, NGDF

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        My dr is out of town, but I did get my lab results. My TSH is 16.26 and the range should be .47–5.01…… am I stll real high?
        then my free thyroxine is 0.90 and the range is 0.71 – 1.85.
        the Dr. had a perscription ready for me of 125mcg of Levoxyl. Is lexoxyl another generic form of throxine or snythroid? As ususal I am comfused !!!!!!!!
        Have a great day :)

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          I just got these lab results back, and am scheduled for a thyroid scan: TSH <0.05, Thyroid Peroxidase AB 106.8 (reference range <2.0), and Thyroblobulin AB 325.7 (reference range <2.0). Is this Graves?

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            do you have graves?
            good question. from what i have seen the tsh level is very important
            as well the others,t3 t4 ect. but with graves the entire thyroide is
            involved and best diagnosed with the scan your about to take, in conjunction with the other thyroid hormone levels.
            the scan is a breeze and it’s worth the anticipation before.
            good luck to you and come back here often. sometimes it’s my only
            support. god bless, guy

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              There are none of us here who can interpret your lab results for you. That is something you need to discuss with your doctor.

              Wishing you luck,
              Bobbi — NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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                I got my new results. Here’s the changes over the past few months and the normals:

                Free T4 – .89-1.8
                TSH3 – .35-5.5
                T3 – 60-181

                3/9/00 (good!, still in remission)
                Free T4 – 1
                TSH, serum – 2.6

                5/30/00 (bad!)
                Free T4 – 3.89
                TSH3 – under range
                T3 – 405.38!!

                7/25/00 (better, on meds)
                Free T4 – 1.57
                TSH3 – .004
                T3 – 200.66

                My endo increases my Tapzole to 50mg a day and I see him in a couple days. I feel better. I hope my next labs are better. Then comes the question of RAI again. I would just go ahead a do it but I’m scared because of Graves Eye Disease. Wish me luck,

                Adi in San Diego

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