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      I just came back from my 6-week followup appointment with my endo. Three months post-RAI I am finally hypo! I took a quick peek at my labs and my TSH is up to 22! I had been on two PTU pills a day and now she wants me to go on one synthroid pill a day.

      I had definitely been noticing more Brain Fog this week – I haven’t been able to remember ANYTHING for more than a few minutes! And I’ve been cold but my husband likes to keep our house at Arctic freeze temperatures. I also regained some weight so I am hoping the doc caught it in time before I gain anymore! :(

      She wants to see me again in another two months and check my blood levels again.

      Going hypo is a little scary for me as I’ve always been on the thin side all my life. Also – some of the symptoms you guys describe sound even more unpleasant than the hyper ones!

      I am sure am glad you guys are around!

      Hugs to everybody,


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