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      Well, I guess if you get the bad news out of the way, then it doesn’t bother you quite so much. I lost my job on Tuesday and suspect it may have something to do with my Graves’ because of comments they made. Am considering all my options as I look for another position. Have already interviewed for one.

      On the cold front: My doctor did a throat culture and it’s not strep which is running through town like a wild fire (Yea!). He has me doing the following: gallons of fluids, naproxin sodium two tablets twice a day steady, and as needed: menthol throat lozenges, numbing throat spray and cough syrup (plain, not the ones with all the additives, like the “DM” types–he was very specific on that). I do take zinc all the time and the echinacea (which I took after asking him) is not doing anything for me so I stopped it. Just have to let it run it’s course.

      On the school front: took five classes this semester: three solid “As”, another that will be a “B” or an “A” and one that I am going to take an incomplete and work with the professor after New Year’s to finish–my memory loss severely impacted my abilities in this class. At any rate, am only taking four classes next semester. But, just got to keep on keeping on.

      Had a lovely long distance chat with my son in Milwaukee last night. He is of the impression that people in Wisconsin learned to drive in the snow in Aruba (think about that one!). He is doing well. Had his first end of year evaluation and did so good he will get a bonus check! Mike, well, he is just Mike, but since I have been really sick the last few weeks he has been trying harder to help out around here and take care of me. No matter what, he is still my son and I love him very much.

      I am putting up my tree tonight and will do this with Mike. We haven’t done this together in years. Should be fun

      As for who to trust on meds, even my doctor said that the pharmacist was more up to date on what would react with what and he calls my pharmacist before prescribing something he is not sure about. My pharmacist is a wealth of information, but then, his mother has Graves’ so he is really knowledgeable about our disease. He is never too busy to answer my questions and if he doesn’t know, he has access to friends at the university who are in current research and he calls them. He told me no over the counter cold medicines. One of the reasons for me is that I have a heart condition unrelated to Graves’ and it could affect that. Each person has to make their own decision and do their own research and not rely on what worked for someone else. Once again, I recommend becoming a Proactive Warrior–be the one who knows the most about your disease and how your body reacts. Keep a symptom journal and take it with you to the doctor or the pharmacy. For heaven’s sake don’t rely on memory alone to tell them!

      I want to wish all of you a happy holiday, no matter which one you celebrate. I wish peace, health and happiness for you and yours in the coming year. I will keep you all in my prayers and hope that you will keep me in yours as I search for a new position.

      Mitakuye Oyasin

      PS: Jan, I always use the cool mist vaporizer–I use them so often I wear them out–on my third one in 2 1/2 years!

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