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      I don’t often post personal stuff to the bb, but I want to share something with you. Saturday, a friend was talking about motorcycles, and asked me if I knew what a “Gold Wing” was. Of course, I didn’t. (Those of you who were at the conference may begin LOL-ing now). The next day he showed up with the biggest, fanciest motorcycle I have ever stood close to, much less sat on! A helmet, my dark glasses, plus another pair of wraparound glasses and we were off for a three hour, 100 mile ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trees and mountains and sky and clouds were beautiful, and I could see them all at one time! I may become a Biker Mama! It was great to be completely free of Graves’ for that time. “I ‘plumb forgot all abolut it” Have a great week, and hope that I get to go biking again real soon!

      Nancy (AKA Goldwinger!)

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        i have a harley for sale you would look great on it!


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