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      Hopefully, she will tell me what is really going on with the thyroid and diabetes and whatever… Well.. I feel sometimes like I have ‘heat flashes’ and other times I swear someone is robbing me of the heat. I’m getting used to the pricking of my finge, which is still bothersome. But then again, I feel better. Today was the first day of classes, and I got into all of them except the one that I really wanted to be in… Well, that’s the way the cookie (better make it sugarfree for me) crumbles.
      I found another neat class to go to: it’s all about the linguistics of talking. Sounds funny, but that’s what hte course outline said.

      It’s not that bad to be on these drugs; or at least that’s what I’m finding out. If I forget my synthroid, I fall asleep immediately. Somthing I didn’t do since I was four.

      The age of Aquarius is coming tomarrow about 12:45pm. Watch for it. They say that nothing is gonna happen, I’m not so sure.

      The clinical nutritionist should tell me why my sugar levels are in the low 200’s. I think it’s also due to the way I excersize.
      I am still eating like a rabbit, trying to avoid those foods that will take away my iodine, but you know, they are all my favorite chomp chomps.
      Keep you informed..

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