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      Cool!! I think that is really neat.

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        lst night the most astounding lightening whirled through here!!! and after
        that the glow of the sky looked like we all were wearing amber vision
        glasses…the clouds were unlike any we have ever seen before in our lives—
        all the neighbors went out and we all stood there astounded…some even
        video taped it…my teenagers even said it looked like the gates of Heaven
        were opening up!!!!just then the coolest breeze started to blow and cooled
        everyone off for the evening…we stayed out front talking in the middle of
        the street for hours…twenty five of us!!! by the time we went inside we
        were all freezing but got a wonderful rest bit from the humidity that is
        ak today at 81 percent…but last night was a reminder to all that there
        is anawfully powerful force up there contoling everything!!! we were all
        humbled by the experience to say the least!!!!

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          WOW, em,
          Sound exciting! Wizard of Oz like! No really, it does sound tornadic in nature to me. I have a facination with weather and weather patterns and would love to one day ride with the storm chasers!
          Maybe God was trying to tell you something, though. At any rate, you got to talk with your neighbors.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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