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      Felt sorta funny putting the lancet to my finger aggain. I think its PTSD (had this before)
      Post Traumatic Stress , that is. So, I’m on the phone with a physician’s assistant (or gonna be doctor)
      and He said that MY doctor is GOD to him. So, God is a human and he’s my doctor? I thought he was omni-present all- seeing all knowing and all of that.
      You know, I do know that my doc is a pretty good judge of things, that’s what the guy was trying to say.
      But to me it was an interesting comment.

      So, I go see the Orthopedic surgeon (notice it’s not the specialty clinic) to address the KFS. Then I get two shots of endo and eye. Tell you all about it later when I go.

        Post count: 93172

        LOL, here. I ALWAYS avoid the doctors who think that M.D. stands for M.Deity. : )


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