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      I am so happy to hear of your continued remission and happy news. I
      am wondering were you received the information related to a greater
      chance of remission if you developed Graves in post partum. I have
      never heard this before and was excited to see it. I really appreciate
      the way you openly share your story and have such a positive approach.

      I have spoken a couple of times about my situation. I have finished
      drug therapy (x26 months) and I have been in remission (drug-free) for
      the last six months. I recently had to meet a new endo (mine left the
      country) and I thought of your statement re: anti-drug therapy endos.
      That was who I met. He was a kind gentleman who had his own thoughts
      on treatment of GD and drug therapy was not his first course. When I
      met him (after a three hour drive to his office), he looked at me and
      said I was doing fine for now but statistically this wouldn’t continue
      and I could look for a relapse at 70% in the new six months and an 80%
      chance in the year following that.

      This was the appointment I waited eight months for (there is a severe
      shortage of endo here). Initially I was disheartened but then my faith
      kicked in and the thoughts, feelings and experiences of my friends on
      this board. Thank You. God Bless. I am doing excellent and will
      continue to do so. It is important that as individuals we make
      decisions that are best for ourselves.


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