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      Glynis, your story made me relive an exciting experience I had last fall. We live near the river and critters are constantly trying to come and share our living space too. (We have that “natural” AC – esp. in February).

      My hubby and godson were camping out for several days away from the house so I was enjoying a little downtime (you know, bubble bath, clean sheets, new bestseller, early bedtime). I’m a little nervous there by myself but was reassured that the dogs would prevent any trespassers and didn’t expect any from INDOORS. About 10:00 pm I heard a loud “thump” and got up to investigate. Flashlight in hand, I check out the front door and out the back door. Dogs are not barking. All is peaceful. I figured a stick fell off the maple tree onto the roof, and went back to my nest to read.

      Potty break before bedtime, about 10:30, I get up and walk into the bathroom, don’t turn on the light (there’s a night light in there) and wonder to myself why my husband has left his belt lying on the top of the toilet tank. Reach out to touch it and UH OH. I flip on the light and there’s a five foot blacksnake wrapped around my toilet tank.

      Saved by the landlord, who comes over with a board and commences to beat the snake to death (both of us were too terrified to touch it). We finally determined that the snake had come in through the exhaust fan vent in the bathroom. Whew! Let’s not have any more snake encounters, shall we?


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