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      So glad to try this tonight and got through. Wow it has been a long time. I went back through and was enjoying some of the posts that I missed when it was back up for a short time.
      Well any ways I was wondering if someone out there had a good diet sugg for the new life as fighting hypo land.? I have found all the fun things such as quick wieght gain. Oh and by the way I left my Endo and am seeing a new Dr. When I called my Endo about my pulse dropping to 47 wondered if I could be going hypo he never returned my call. I puffed up (fluid) and finally went to a new Dr. my T4 was 1.8 and my TSH was 76 yep not 7.6 76, he said I was pretty hypo. My RAI was done June 10th.
      Guess the Endo thought it was too soon. But anyway I can hardly eat anything actually don’t really feel hungery not like before. I did start on bran flakes in the morn. but need to know what others did for this fun journey. Not enjoying it yet. Started on .75 mg Synthroid. But I know this isn’t strong enough. Any input greatly apreciated!!

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