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      Donna, I know what you mean. Now that my TSH is in the normal range, (4.31) my doctor says the shakiness, anxiousness,palps, no weight gain and frequent use of the bathroom, are not related to my thyroid and “must be caused by something else.” Just because these were the symptoms before and during diagnosis does not seem to matter to her.Yes there has been a great improvement since the initial diagnosis, for which I am very thankful, but I still feel hyper. I am convinced that my medication is to high for me. .088mg.

      The strange thing to me is when my TSH was high at 30, I felt so good. I felt the best during those 4 weeks then I have in many years. Then she increased the medication and after 2 weeks on the increased dosage the hyper symptoms all came back and now my TSH is “normal”. I’m going to give it 4 more weeks till my next blood test and see if things improve, after that I don’t know what I’ll do.

      Good luck at the Mayo Clinic. If they discover anything that is helpful please post here and let us all know.



        Post count: 93172

        Haven’t been here for a while… thought I’d drop in.

        Although things have been much improved of late, now the endo is
        saying my symptoms are “not related to my thyroid” (this his response
        after I told him about my continued swollen/puffy/painful legs and feet
        and weight gain and headaches… and my G.P. wants to put me on an
        appetite supressant when I’m hardly eating anything anyway and he says,
        “It’s not a water retention problem” …

        but nobody’s doing anything about it…

        So I give up on the local specialists.
        I called and got an appointment on August 5th at Mayo in Rochester, MN…
        maybe THEY will get to the bottom of it all! Geez… Wish me luck!

        Donna (aka Danita, aka Radiant)

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