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      Can a person with Graves, give blood??
      We were discussing that Mark gives blood all the time
      and I really have not seen anything about this on the BB.
      (unless I missed it or forgot)…:)
      I have not been feeling real good lately, I see the Endo tomorrow.
      It has been 6 months since I last saw him and I think something
      is out of whack.. I am not sleeping well and am having a lot of night sweats.
      My stress level is at an all time high. The poor guy I work with has taken to calling me Dragon Lady.
      When I explained and apologized to him, he understood a little better.
      I have been training him since before Christmas and he is one of those people who
      refuses to write anything down so he asks the same questions over and over again and does not seem to reatin anything I
      teach him. Needless to say the stree level skyrockets….:(
      I try to control it but that just does not happen.
      Hopefully I will get some answers tomorrow.
      Thanks for letting me vent.

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