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      You’re right…there is a lot to be thankful for. I’m particulaly thankful for the Endo who cared enough to see me
      without a wait, for the Radiologist who thought I was too young to nuke and told me my thyroid wasn’t even in bad shape…she gave me
      hope. I’m thankful for HOPE, and for all the great folks on the message board who have e-mailed
      me with advice and help. “Misery loves company” and the commiseration has been very therapeutic!
      Thanks to everyone and to the Lord! Have a terrific Thanksgiving. Glynis

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        Ok, an earlier post reminded me that it is time to give thanks! So I have given it some thought and realized that this group has given me many reasons to do this! I have learned that many of you out there suffer much more from this disease than I do, so I give thanks that I do not have the eye involvement. I also give thanks that my husband is employed by the AF and I do not have to worry about being able to get the care I need. It is not always pleasant to use miltary medical care, but it is there and for this I am thankful. I am thankful for a place where people come for the sole purpose of sharing what they have learned in an effort to help someone else. I see a great deal of sharing here and I am thankful for this. Now I want to share the way I am able to find any peace at all in my life. I am able to sit down at any time and know that I am not alone because I have my bible to read. It tells me about a loving God who will never leave me alone and for this I am thankful. Could some of you also post some things you are thankful for??? It would surely encourage me! God bless you all this thanksgiving! Debbie

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