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      I’ve posted a couple of times before and find this gruop very informative. I’ve also noticed a few of you are from Calif. Is there anyone out there from South Georgia? I live in a relatively small town (40,000) and see a Dr. on the Air Force base here. I am amazed at the options I’m hearing about. When I was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago there were no options offered to me. My doc mentioned surgery to remove my thyroid but in the same breath said it was really risky and the best alternative was RAI. He said I was in a “storm” and that I needed to go immediately. I have no idea what my numbers were but I do remember my TSH was 0.00 and they were very concerned. I was shaking so much I couldn’t hold a pen in my hand to write my name. I’ve recently been feeling very poorly and have an apt for Oct 30 to see the doc again. He’s a new guy (love the Air Force) and he mentioned that after he saw me he would probably refer me to neuro doc. There’s only one in town and it makes me nervous. What do I do ? I don’t have the options that y’all seem to have. For me , how do I get a second opinion? Just feeling down and out in Ole South Georgia. My insurance won’t cover me to go out of state, like to North Florida. Frustration, aggrevation, no support, tired of it all, wish it would go away………. Julie B.

        Post count: 93172

        Julie B, Are you by Moody? Drop a note and I will see who is in the area
        or perhaps I can send the AF doc some literiture. The military usually
        has good endocriologists. Let me know if you are seeing one. If not they
        need to get you to one.


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