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      So I go into the pharmacy to pick up my synthroid refill , and the guy
      tells me that it is a generic version this prescription. I explain to
      him that becasue I have had many difficulties adapting to replacement
      therapy that my doctor told me not to change brands, especially to a
      generic. He informs me that my insurance will no longer pay for the
      synthroid. I respond that synthroid is less than my co payment so the
      insurance isnt paying for it anyway. Now he tells me that the Drs office
      said ok to the change. Maybe the receptionist did, but I know the Dr did
      no agree to this. Everything I have read says don’t change your brand,
      plus I have read less than favorable accounts of generic thyroid meds.
      Anyway what really ticks me off is that nobody bothered to call me, and
      say, “Excuse me Barb, but what medication do you choose to put into
      your body?” Guess I’ll just pay out of pocket. Not a life threatening
      issue, but another GD headache I didn’t need.

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