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      Hi All. In the relatively short time I’ve been visiting this BB I am been amazed at the number of unfortunate patients that have had difficulty with their disease.

      From diagnosis, to treatment, to their doctor’s lack of knowledge, support and compassion; and then still, the number of ongoing, diffucult years that some of you have experienced. My undiagnosed torment lasted only a year, and treatment and response to treatment have been swift. Before finding this BB I would have thought my disease was the worst hell. I know now how “simple” mine has been, comparatively speaking, and I want you to know how much my heart goes out to all of you.

      I’ve listened to the difficulty some of you have had over the years with your doctors listening (or not…) to you; I haven’t had that experience (well, maybe once…), but my mother, who was diagnosed as hypo the same week I was diagnosed hyper, has had that problem for years.

      For a good six years she has had the CLASSIC hypo symptoms but no one would listen, and all her blood work would come back “within normal range.” Recently, it came back as hypo, and by the time her second set of blood work came back in time for her prescribing appointment with her new endo, her levels showed her as barely hypo! Yet she was feeling the same crappy way as she had for years. But this time the endo did listen and put her on a low-dose of Synthroid, “to see…”, and he recently increased her dosage minutely again, and nowadays she finally feels NORMAL. If you can remember how normal feels when it’s been gone for six years…

      That endo had finally listened to her, listening to herself, and now she’s on the road to recovery. My mom and I have shared many things in this life, and we joke that “wouldn’t you know, it would be us having thyroid disease together!”

      Again, my heart goes out to you all. taskit

        Post count: 93172

        Please! can’t we all get along? <g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” /></p>
<p>Love to all,</p>
<p>Shannon  </g></p>


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