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      Greetings warriors,

      First off sorry for the typeos. I can see my screen but not the keyboard
      and it is too much trouble to go back and try to see where I am to fix typos.


      You seem reluctant to trust the pharmacist and trust the doctor more. Personal
      choice but I work with both. My phamacist knows my history because I tell it to
      him. He know what meds ai am taking from three diferent doctors and how they
      react with each other. Use the teaming approach with your disease. YOu are the
      coach and the DOC and druggest are supporting members.

      Dee and Shannon,

      Sorry I have not been able to post or send you a e-mail lately but I have been
      working 75 hour weeks and not much time. Glad you are feeling better and the
      decompressions went well.

      To all,

      I am a worst case senario for GD. A poster child if you will. Only our director
      Dr. Nancy Patterson has had more eye surgeries than me but I will catch up in a few
      months. Noone on the internet takes as much replacement hormone as I do. Only one
      person has had more surgeries than me, I have eneded up in the cardiac unit twice in
      six months for heart problems related to GD but I still can work two jobs, camp, canoe,
      dance, do needle work and other things. I do not let it stop me. I am not saying if
      I cando it you can I am just saying I did not let it slow me down. Although two trips
      to the hospital has had an effect of getting my attention and makeing me think before
      I try something stupid (then I do it anyway).

      Keep p the good work on posting and we do appreciate your not using name brands and the
      like keeps us out of trouble.

      Love to you all and happy holidays


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