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      this week i’ve been tearing out of my right eye
      it looks like ive been crying or something i never
      had problems with my eyes with graves yet but since
      the heat in the house has been on i have this new problem
      my kids also say my right eye is a little bigger pleas
      i hope this aint the start of what i may be thinking advice please


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        Haven’t posted in a while basically because I feel normal. I know that many people have persistent problems with this disease but although I went through a very trying 3-4 months now that my hormone levels are back to normal (controlled by ATDs), I feel normal. I was referred to a psychiatrist for the psychological manifestations of Graves disease and I am currently taking Zoloft and Xanax. I am in the process of weaning myself off Xanax and the ultimate goal is to be medication free. What has helped me tremendously has been cognitive therapy in which you learn to control your thought patterns and stop negative and anxiety provoking thougts. It has been very empowering. I must say though that my “recovery” has been very slow. I have (over approximately 6 months) gone from being housebound due to agoraphobia to going back to work full time and resuming my normal level of activity (exercise, public speaking, long work weeks etc…) So ultimately, the reason I am posting is to tell everyone that there is hope and that for those who are in midst of troubling times please don’t get down. Things can get better. I didn’t realize that the little thyroid gland when out of whack could wreak so much havoc on one’s life until it did mine. But I am glad to say that I feel normal again. I realize that not everyone gets back to normal and I am sorry for those individuals but it is possible for many. Best wishes to all.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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