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    Wow, what a story you have about the pregnancy. Bummer to say the least.

    Your symptoms don;t sound all that unusual for Graves’, One concern I would have is your vision being blurry. Have you seen a Ophthalmologist? The eye problems must be treated separately from the thyroid.

    I know what you mean about the insurance. I had just gotten insurance when I was diagnosed with the eye disease and they called it a pre existing condition. The med bills eventually piled up to around $20, 000 that I had to end up just blowing off since I couldn’t work at the time.

    All the best, Bruce

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    I got this disease AFTER I gave birth and had to stop breastfeeding to go
    on PTU. The drug books said it was ok to nurse IF the baby got checked regularly, but
    my pediatrician said just stop nursing…she chose the most cautious route. I can certainly understand your fear
    about this!! The PTU is helping you not to have another thyroid storm, and
    you can’t have RAI when pregnant… I’m sure they would tell you up front if it would be
    any danger at all to your unborn child. The way a pregnant body works is amazing.
    I bet your baby will be just fine and absolutely gorgeous. I can’t offer you
    much except encouragement and a guarantee that I will pray for you daily and
    will be trusting God with all my heart for you to have a healthy, strong baby and
    to get well yourself. God bless! Glynis

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    Christine, my heart goes out to you! I can’t think of anything more difficult to endure than losing a child. Then, having your own GD difficulties, a pregnancy, worries about your unborn child, AND lost health insurance. . .quite a bit for one person to endure. It gives me a reality check on my own whiney-ness about GD. Be assured that many healthy babies are born to mothers who take PTU. As for heredity and GD. . .there is a tendency for susceptibility to certain auto-immune diseases to run in families. Nobody in my family had GD that I can find, but there are several instances of prematurely grey hair, one diabetes, and one pernicious anemia. The exact causes of GD aren’t well understood yet. You’ve come to the right place for support! Dianne N

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    My doctors discovered I had GD in my second trimester of pregnancy, by way of
    throid storm (I lost 45lbs. during my pregnancy, now I quickly climbing
    back up the scales.) My first child was born prematurely in my eight month
    ofpregnancy 3lbs. 1oz. She died 11 days after delivery, she was born with
    an enlarge thyroid, and av canal defect (a hole in her heart).
    She died from an obstructed airway, (the heart was stable and surgery was
    predicted for around the age of two.) I am terrified, I am afraid this may
    repeat. The doctors assured us that although PTU crosses the placenta it
    would not effect the baby. WRONG.
    Does any one know anything about GD and heredity?
    This was five months ago. I am still taking 100mg.x day of PTU.
    I have the sweats, numbness in my left leg,anxiety, blurred vision,
    depression, and to top every thing off….. I lost my health insurance.

    So, I could use a little support. No one in my family, has GD, so they
    don’t really understand.

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