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    I’m also having trouble with stuff on my neck. Always itches worse at night. Have no idea about any relationship with graves’!


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    Hi, Yes, prior to diagnosis I kept getting little bumps on my hair line and neck. They seem to have stopped, by thyroid levels are down quite a bit now, on Tapazole, but I’m not yet normal. Hot packs seemed to relieve them. Ignoring them was my last resort. Hang in there. Jeannette

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    There is a skin problem that goes along with Graves. I’m not sure exactly what it is though. If you are on anti-thyroid medications, however, you should CALL YOUR DOCTOR. He/she is the one who would know whether this itchy rash might be a reaction to the meds and not just one of the Graves problems.

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    It is called pretibial maxademia. It is a crusty patch on the skin followed by
    a scabing over and falling off. There is a bulletin on it in the NGDF home page.
    I and Nancy have addressed this in the past and it can be treated with a cortizone
    cream. It is also in the FAQ on the NGDF page. I don’t have the problem but I
    understand it itches like a bugger.


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    Thank you for all the tips. I had not tried the cortizne yet, but I will.
    It’s so strange because I was never the kind of person to harp on my health.
    My mother had all these old swedish remedies when I was a kid. They all
    seemed to stink to high heaven or taste worse, so I never talked about
    ailments. Now with GD, to get better I have to pay attention.
    oops, boss on her way

    Thanks again,

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    Has anyone had skin problems related to GD? I know it effects just about everything,
    but this is new. I kept finding not so little bumps around my neck. They would
    get red and itch, and then go away. Then another would show up. Now I’ve found
    a couple on my face :( (bummer). They only last a few days, but nothing
    has helped. I’ve tried alcohol and other stuff to no avail. Has anyone
    else had this problem?

    Happy holidays,

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    I only found out after asking a surgeon why I was still getting pimples
    at my age (43) on my face and he said it was folliculitis not pimples.
    With this you need to be careful not to spread it – I use Phisohex when
    they come up on my face, neck or body and Icoverwith cotton tape so as not
    to spread under clothing. Since I have been doing this they are hardly a

    I also get a rash on my hands which is more of a problem in summer.

    Hope this helps.


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