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      The second question of the day seems to be sex drive or lack of it. Numerous
      things can effect the libido. Just having GD is one of them. Some of the Meds
      we take are a second problem. Sometimes a combination of GD and drugs together
      can make the thought of sex a thing of the past. Well there is hope. Talk to
      doctor or pharmacist about the meds you are on and their effect on the libido.
      Try changing your routine (poor choice of words I know, sex should be anything
      but routine). Try for sex in the morning after you have had a good nights rest.
      If you both look at each other and realize that something is probable go for it.
      Of course you should leave the restarant, or movie first. If you get the urge
      so to speak and say it can wait until later,, later sometimes never comes. Make
      time for your spouse or SO. I have found a good body massage usually relieves
      stress and can put your mind in a proper state of mood so to speak. And if it
      doesn’t thats OK too. Repay the kindness of a body massage to your spouse or SO.
      At least you will get the intimacy of being close and that may change your mood too.

      Most of all don’t worry yourself into thinking all is dead. Sex it has been said
      is 90% mental and 10% physical. Don’t get it into your head that all is lost. It’s
      just kind of sleeping and sometimes needs a wake up call. I hope I put this delicatly
      enough so as to not offend any one. I do receive a fair amount of e-mail from men both
      with GD and husbands about this. I have passed this on to them and it apppears to work.
      I am by no means a Dr. Ruth of GD (or even what to be) so go out there and be kind to
      each other and have a good day.

      I wish you peace,

        Post count: 93172

        Jake, I think you make a really GOOD Dr. Ruth of GD!!
        Dianne N

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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