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      I don’t know if they do this in Canada, but I’m on temporary disability with the state. As long as you’ve been employed for a certain amount of time, you can qualify to get money from the state. It’s something like 50% or 60% of your pay, but it’s something. I hope this helps.


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        I’m new to this support group, actually I don’t have a computer,my
        friend found this group and is kind enough to let me use hers sometimes
        I have this disease and also very bad eye problems. surgery was done
        on my eyelids but they still hurt alot, so much that I cannot bare
        bright lights which seem to be everywhere. I am unable to work now
        because of this, also I suffer from depression. everything is going
        downhill I have used up just about all my savings. I’m scared to death
        I will be on the streets. Can people with GD qualify for disability?
        I hope you don’t think I’m crazy.but I am desperate.I am from canada
        and i don’t have any family support. from what I did get to read people
        on this support group seem to be very caring. I hope someone can give
        me a little advice, Thank You, Jackie

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          Mine was bad enough that I was able to get on social security disability.


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            Hi there, Actually my doctor offerred to fill out disability papers for me when I was first diagnosed. I only worked partime though, and had a back-up for when I couldn’t come in, so I didn’t do it. (dumb…) But I know it’s possible. I guess it just depends on how disabilied your doc thinks you are. Hang in there!

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              I want to provide help for my girlfriend who has Graves Disease? This is new to the both of us and I want to provide the perfect setting for her and keep harm away from her as much as possible. I want to keep her spirits high as possible, keep her from worrying, getting upset and get her to relax! Help!!!!! Thanks for your time!

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                Hi Jon:

                I think that it is wonderful that you want to help your girlfriend
                this way. I think that your biggest defense is to learn as much
                as possible about Graves disease as you can. You can start right
                here by reading the old posts. In addition, visit the National
                Graves Disease Foundation’s web site. You can get to the link from
                this sites main page.

                From the NGDF page you will will be able to print off the the
                most frequently asked questions as well as a reading list. Good
                luck, you are in the right place for support.


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