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      Hi Lisa and everyone,

      Just so you all know – I am waiting to be ‘officially’ diagnosed by my endo
      this coming Friday. In the mean time I have been trying to gather as much
      info as possible so that I can begin treatment ASAP. I am 33 and contemplating
      having children sometime soonish (1-3years). It seems to me that the
      medicinal route can be harmfull during pregnancy, I would only have a 30%
      chance of going into remission – and then I would have to do the I131 and
      wait for a full year before getting pregnant. I am leaning towards the

      So, weight gain. Does PTU encourage weight gain – or is it just the slowing
      of the metabolism to normal – and we still think we need to eat like horses?
      If you have a good endo – it seems like they should catch you before you
      go hypo and you could avoid the weight gain and depression.

      If I’m feeling just fine on the beta blockers (my heart rate is down..) why
      do I have to do any treatment?

      I am scared to kill my thyroid gland! I am scared that everything will
      get worst. It seems like it’s barbaric to kill apart of yourself.

      I’m working myself up into a frenzy – gotta go,


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        There is a silver lining for you. I was diagnosed with Graves almost 5 years ago in May 1991. I was extremely ill but once I got on the beta blockers, I felt immediately better( even thought my levels were still skewed). I started on PTU instead of the radioactive iodine because me and my husband were thinking of starting a family in the near future. The good news was, even though the doctors told me it would be a while for me to conceive because of the hormonal mess I was in (up to a year), I discovered I was pregnant in July–only 2 months after taking the PTU. I continued taking the PTU until I was about 16 weeks pregnant and then got off all meds. I delivered a whopping 9 pound 10 oz. healthy baby girl who is as normal and perfect as you can ask for! My Graves stayed in check until the spring of 1995. I then underwent iodine treatment in June 1995 (a very low dose and it was no big deal) and am now expecting another child in April. My levels are almost 98% normal and take PTU twice a day for now. Hope that shows you that even though you have this strange thing, you can have a normal life and wonderful children!

        Good luck and God bless!

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