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      I am a better person for having known this GDisease and it has given
      me many blessings but it has also been difficult at times and at those
      times especially this BB and the lovely people here have
      been a lifesavers!! GD also affects our families so this positive
      aspect flows on to our families and friends through our acceptance
      with fellow GD warriors.

      Could the people who use this BB be the ones who aren’t happy to
      swallow a pill and do as the HMO tells them? Never to again trouble them
      with questions or trifles regarding the many different symptoms that
      accompany Graves Disease? Are we people who just look at things
      differently and wish to find out as much as possible?

      How many people who don’t have the support of a BB are being
      misdiagnosed ( eg hypothryoidism and from that a not so pleasant effect
      Depression)because they are told their symptoms aren’t connected to
      GD or the consequences of GD? I have recently found out that I am not
      absorbing calcium properly, and if I hadn’t had an enquiring mind I
      would be none the wiser.

      I would like to add that the BB has been a lifeline for me as there
      are no Graves Disease Foundations in Australia!! There is a Thyroid
      Foundation 2,0000 miles from me but it is no where near as fast as
      this BB for accessing information – even it is personal information
      sometimes mixed in with medical information.

      If we look at the indirect benefits of this BB I know in my own
      situation it has helped me in my family life and I’m able to help
      others by sharing information so the benefits are far more reaching
      than a computer screen.

      Finally, if I had left the endos office and never queried another
      thing, me and my life would be a mess.

      Sorry this is so long – thank you for reminding me of the positives!!

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