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      When the pharmacist gets the medicines from the pharmaceutical comapnies each package has a “package insert” in it. This insert gives all kinds of information about the particular medicine, its actions, its reactions both common and rare, any warnings the FDA feels are necessary, etc. Usually if you ask for it, the pharmacist will give it to you. If you can’t get one this way, ask for the name of the company who made the medicine (the brand name one if you are getting a generic). If the pharmacist won’t tell you that then ask for the brand name. Use Internet seaarch engines on the brand name or try “” to locate the website of the company making the medicine. Ususally somewhere on one of their website pages you can find a copy of the package insert (often listed as product information on a page directed at physicians).

      If you use a search engine on the brand name you may also find links to information sites with more information on the disease the medicine is used for.

      I feel that information is a good “weapon” in our fight against any disease and the more information the better.

      I hope this helps you. I, too, am hyperthyroid, have the Graves disease of the eyes and have just had the 10 day orbital radiation treatment.


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