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      For Dave
      It appears to me that the brain is involved in the
      conversion of t-4 to t-3.
      You also mention that ensymes D-1, D-2 play a major
      role as well. I will say I’m not quite sure as to spwcifics on that issue.
      I would like to comment on the need for using
      a product like “Armour” Thyroid as being extaordinary
      in helping me to feeling well again after five plus years off suffering! I tryed every conceivable dose
      of both “Synthroid”, and “Levothroid” to no avail.
      I had more problems than Carter has liver pills.
      I know now that there is no way synthetic T-4,
      or just synthetic T-3 can help a patient feel anything close to being well!

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        Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear
        your success with finding what works for you.
        Now if we can get everyone else in the same boat,
        happy days are here again!


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          For Dave RE a better thyroid medicine
          For a number of years I took synthetic T-4 pills.
          What an ordeal! Many a time I wished I wouldn’t wake up in the morning, because I knew it wouldn’t be long before my daily hell of an existance would jump up and grab me! Isuffered the tortures of the damned,
          there was NO way in GOD’s creation I was going to make taking that rubbish, I was at the end of my rope. Then my pharmicist suggested I ask my doctor if taking Natural Thyroid might work better. I had heard
          some very bad comments about it in the past, but did ask, and the doctor agreed to let me try it saying
          “Why not, nothing else has worked at all well for you so lets give it a chance”. It worked! I got my life back in SPADES, and I can’t say enough good about “Armour” Thyroid! Not only does it keep me going strong, but now also my mother, who got Graves
          two years after I did. She was frequently going to the hospital for G.I. problems,heart arythmia.
          But @ 76 years old she’s doing great!
          So Dave, I STRONGLY urge you to quit beating
          a dead horse, Synthetic T-4 to death, it isn’t workingfor you,as is the case for so many people,
          so give them the old heave-ho, and reclaim your life!

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            I was told by someone that you read some of the posts
            on this board. Could you please tell me the difference
            between the enzymes D1, D2, D3 that are refered to as
            deiodinase enzymes that are responsible for converting
            T4 to T3 and Reverse T3? And what is the amount of
            each enzyme in the periphery and the brain? And could you
            also tell me what are the uses and reasons for T1, T2 along
            with T3 and T4? If you would prefer to not post here directly,
            you can e-mail me.

            Thank you,

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              So what do you tell your endo who says —no i think armour would make you worse!!! After ten years on synthyroid…i think my body is just starting to adjust to the synthyroid BUT….like you i know it could be better……..IT IS NOT PSYCHOLOGICAL………hate to say this but i think the ole drs are listening to men more and attributing our complaints to the ole….womens stress syndrome…….

              My dr is affraid that the t3 will throw people into cardiac irregularities……….said absolutely no to adding t3…….but i see him on nov 6 and have been trying to get the armour….but now……i am even whimpy about trying something new after the ups and downs for so many years,,,,what to do? what to do?? when you switch is it a good idea to take a little of both? do you know anyone that just throws a drop in with synthyroid?? what???

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                My doctor is giving me LOTS of leeway on my meds. She says I’m a little low on TSH but my T3 and T4 levels are in the high-normal range (Key word: range). She says, “How do you feel?” I said, “Well, I sure don’t want to cut my dose of Synhtetic thyroid medication (I’m leaving out brand name on purpose–see you can teach an old dog new tricks!). Anway, my doctor said that I can try T3 meds or natural thyroid or whatever I want. She is not being careless, as she checks my levels and keeps in touch. She is just NOT CONTROLLING!!! I am so lucky to have a doctor that will work with me. It takes a lot of the anxiety out of the process of “leveling off”. I have had RAI in March of 1998 and am finally feeling good. I have tried mixing a little T3 hormones in with my T4. I didn’t like it. I felt too high. Too buzzed. So now I’m just on T4. I might try switching to the natural thyroid hormones but I am giving this process of leveling off a year. Hope this helps.
                Oh, Mr. Pidjerk–please excuse my punctuation!!!!!??? Lauren

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                  I think you make too broad a point, Leland, when you say “I know now that there is no way synthetic T4…can help a patient feel anything close to well.” There are LOTS of us around who do just fine on the synthetic T4 products. I am one of them, so is my mom, and I know about half a dozen other people in my real life as well who are doing well on levothyroxine. I appreciate the fact that when it doesn’t work optimally, it can be awful for the patient, and I’m sorry you went through that pain.


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