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      There are lurkers with problems who do not write here for one or another reason. Many times I write a reply or new topic and then cancel it thinking it is not worth reading or sharing…

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        Hi Kathleen: Thank you for answering my inquiry.
        This is the first time I have talked to anyone about
        this. What have I been doing the last 2 years? I
        have just been taking tapazole-waiting and worrying.
        I didn’t experience the problems with the med that
        you did. I have made some changes in my life which
        enables me to spend some time now on researching GD.
        Tapazole keeps me in my normal ranges, but when I
        reduce I get the hyper. I have had no problems othe
        than the mild stare/hair loss/dry hair/eye puffiness.
        I am definetly going to have my doctor check my live
        next time since apparently from what I’ve been read-
        ing it may be an issue??!!** My plans are to stay on
        tapazole forever or until thyroid burns itself out.
        The other alternatives are not appealing to me.Tell
        me more about your situation if you’d like. I’m
        definetely interested. You made a good point re:
        the people w/out problems are probably not writing!!
        I figure I better learn everything I can now to
        better prepare myself if things should get worse.
        I wish I could say I wasn’t freaked out, but this
        damn thing is really putting a cramp in my style!
        HaHaHa!!! Actually, I think there is a lesson
        to be learned in this for me.
        Regards, Lucy

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