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      Dear Patricia,

      I am continuing with my acupuncture. I did alternative treatments for the first few months after I was diagnosed, and acupuncture was one of them. The acupunturist said right off, that he couldn’t cure the GD with acupunture, and that the benefits would probably be more subtle rather than dramatic. I had a treatment once a week for about 3 or 4 weeks, then every 2 or 3rd week, and now, it will be a month and I’ll have my last one on Jan 26. I noticed that my heart rate went down from about 100 to the low 80’s just after a treatment. I think you will have to make your own assesment. As for me, I’m glad that I am doing it. I feel quite good most days, and some days I have like a draining of energy, but then that could be due to muscle loss over the long haul. I have been on PTU since about Dec 1, and that has really made a good change. I would say however, of the alternatives, for me the 3 most valuable have and are: meditation (2 times a day, 20 min each, and reaching at least an alpha level)intravenous mineral balancing (as determined by hair and blood tests) and great nutrition w/ supplementation. Acupuncture seems like the dessert. The alternatives were my appetizer, then and PTU the main course. I am still a work in progress….but my thyroid levels are in the normal range so, so far, so good.
      Good luck with your decisions.

        Post count: 93172

        I heard that you have tryed acupuncture…how has this worked for you?
        I am interested in this as well as the conventional meds..but I really
        want to deal with the whole body…

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