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      Here’s some remedies for the times we feel like BLAH.

      Feeling kinda sick to the tummy-tummy? Wanna toss the cookies ( only polite non-offensive way I could think of, sorry)
      Here’s a tip. Hot water, a little lemon juice and some honey. Sip very slowly.

      Aches getting to you? 1)I would try a nice warm bath (not too hot!). Wet heat may help with aches: wet heat is when you have a showerhead with a combination spray.. just put it on deep massage, should do the trick.

      How about sleeping? I usually so to sleep with a pillow between the legs to ease the back pain. Really helps.

      For me, I’m a snacker. I take a piece of string cheese and eat it while going back to bed. I think I’ll try water next time.

      Counting backwards helps too. Just can’t figure that one out.

      Don’t forget a good massage. They are really helpful.. going to school for fun to learn about this one.

      How about excersizing? A little menthol stuff around the painful area helps.
      Stretching excersizes are important too.

      If you’re lucky, there’s a radio station that has “stories” on at night. That always puts me to sleep.

      Good music that has a soft tone to it can ease anyones nerves.

      Lava lamps? If you got ’em! If not, try getting a fishbowl or aquarium and let it run: with or without fish. Then again, pets are good companions.
      I usually talk to my dog.

      Headaches. One word: BRAINFREEZE! Shiatsu master in my area told me what to do: First trick: Clap hands -really hard and then rub them together until you feel your hands warm up like they’re on fire. Okay, now pull on the earlobes. Should feel some relief. Used to do this instead of aspirin. Helps a little. 2)This requires a little practice:
      place thumb on inner part of eye brow. Index finger on the other. (rough diagram)

      * *

      EYE EYE

      See where the *’s are? With one hand: Thumb on one side of * Index on other: the trick is to pinch between eyebrows : should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch from brows. I usually pinch myself dor about 5 to 10 seconds.. works great on me!

      Well, better go now.
      Thanks for listening,

      Ann N

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