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      I can’t tell you when or if it gets better, but in the meantime know that you have company! I guess we have to believe it will all be okay. I want my life back too and am beginning to accept that when that happens, it will be different than what it was. Hopefully that means that it will be more peaceful, serene, and meaningful.


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        It seems that when I was on the PTU at just a few weeks ago, I was having crying spells.

        At the drop of a hat I would cry, terrified of storms naturally I always was it was heightened
        by the graves disease. I know it isn’t good, but it is nice to hear that other
        people have had the same problem with crying. I was beginning to think
        anxiety wise something was really wrong with me.

        The one thing is that I am tired of feeling sick. It has been 7 months of ups and downs and
        hyper and hypo and rollar coaster of emotions and energy and lack of energy. I just WANT TO FEEL NORMAL
        AGAIN.. Does anyone understand? I want to feel calm again and serene.
        Physically it doesn’t seem to be possible. Can anyone give me hope?

        I have been through enough. I want my life back. It is bad enough trying to get used to having several
        chronic illnesses, but to have those illness affect the rest of your life, relationships, ability to do everyday
        things. I am so tired when I get home from work that I can’t really do anything fun. I want to just relax, and I have trouble
        doing even that.

        I am sorry this is a letter of complaint, but when will it get better. Like I said I want my life back..

        Any support would be greatly appreciated.

        Annette Marie

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          The anxiety that lingers after Graves disease is what my endo calls part of post traumatic stress syndrome. I continue to have panic attacks and anxiety. I kept telling the MD I was still hyper even though I had my thyroid removed in Jan. I’m on .225mgs of synthroid a day. I still have not had one single “normal” level yet. The anxiety is a learned response and very hard to change. Good luck to everyone struggling with this disease.

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            You didn’t say if you were on anti-depressants for the anxiety. Believe me, they really do help!
            Wishing you nothing but good health and happiness,

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              That makes so much sense!

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