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      Sorry to hear about your nasty cold! Doctors won’t give flu shots within 2 weeks of being ill. So you must be well 2 weeks first in order to get the shot. I would love to join you in your snow storm! I truely miss snow. Living in the tropics is not all it’s cracked up to be! Jake and I have been sick more since moving to Florida 10 years ago than we ever were in the cold northern climate. Think it is because it never gets below freezing for long enough to kill germs here.
      Give me da snow anyday!


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        Hi Shannon,

        In the US they give the flu shots from October thru December.
        I found out the shot contains prevention for 3 types of the strain for this
        year. There is a Bejin, Austrailan strain and I forget the last one. (graves’

        Glad to see you posting again, Shannon!

        Take care,

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          Hi Everyone,

          I have had a bad cold now for the past 2 weeks.
          Seems that I can’t shake it. I was wondering if
          anyone knew if it was to late to have a flu shot?
          I called my GP today but he isn’t in his office.
          Since I have to go for surgery in less then 2 weeks time
          I don’t want to be battling a cold also. Will a flu
          shot help at this point? Oh by the way you guys
          living in the “tropics” we have a hugh snow storm
          today and it’s only October : (

          Love to all,


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