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      Went to my first doctor visit here in Ohio. I didn’t see the doctor I was scheduled to see, but saw one of his partners who had the personality of a block but was willing to discuss things with me and answer all my questions. He seemed to know what he was talking about.

      I have been off PTU for 4 months. My thyroid is enlarged and I exhibit symptoms of, get this – HYPOTHYROIDISM. He also felt a definite thyroid nodule. I have to go on Monday for a Thyroid Uptake Scan. He is also running a complete blood chemsitry profile, thyroid panel AND a Thyroid Antibody Titer. Depending on how the scan goes, I will have to have a thyroid aspiration (long needle in the neck, OUCH and YUK). When the blood test results come back (have to go to the lab tomorrow morning for that), I might end up on synthroid. If they have to run a biopsy on the nodule, there is the possibility that it would have , who is.

      His opinion at this point is that one or two things are happening – my thyroid burned so hot while hyper that it crashed already, that my situation with Graves is one that I’m going to run HIGH and then LOW and keep having yo-yos with it until it does crash, and then the possibility that this nodule is coming into play.

      My periods went from being every 28 days to every 35, heavy with lots of horrible cramps which had only happened to me when I was hypo on the PTU back in Feb & Mar ’96. I’ve been sleepy and prone to sleep in – but that feels good after the hyper phase.

      My big problem: Here I am in a totally new community with not a relative around for a few hundred miles. I cannot bring the kids with me to the Thyroid Scan and my husband is so busy with the new job that it is hard for him to get off. (He just took off because he contracted Fifth Disease with my 4 yr old – it’s a common childhood illness, but he never had it and got sicker than she did). I had to ask a woman who has already been a help to me in getting to know the area for the extreme favor of watching all three of my kids for a few hours on Monday and a couple of hours on Tuesday. I hate asking for help, esp. from a person I don’t know all that well (our kids love their kids and vice versa). I feel like I’m really putting them out….but she said yes and didn’t seem to mind. I just feel lousy about it.

      Sorry to go on and on. I’m just a little bummed. At least I’m not where I was at this time last year – prone to anxiety! I would’ve been scared and nervous, but now I’m just worried about logisitics.

      Thanks for listening. Any info on thyroid nodules and what gets done about them would be greatly appreciated!


        Post count: 93172

        Glynis, first of all I am so glad you found a doctor that you like and feel is doing okay by you. Second, don’t worry about asking people for help. I felt the same way you do when I needed to be chauffered around, but you know you have done your share and will again. My mother-in-law always said that we pay rent here on earth. I’ve had a couple of breast lump aspirations and I’m fine as long as I don’t even look at the needle beforehand. I only know four people personally that had nodules and all four of them had their thyroid removed. Good luck, will be thinking about you.

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