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      Can’t remember the reference, I’ll look somemore, but there is a
      condition called Plummer’s Nails. I remember my endo checking me
      for it, and later reading about it and realizing what he was looking for.
      Not everyone gets it, but it is common with (along side) graves. Jeannette

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        Well Well Well, seems as though I have that problem too. You won’t believe this, well, actually you will. I was having a problem with my nails since the PTU. Seems as though my right thumb nail starts to shread apart for some reason. None of the others do, so I was thinking that this is common to Graves.
        Tried to use “extra calcium” products on them, won;t owrk. Used special nail polish to grow them, nah, won’t work.

        Any suggestions would be helpful.

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          I don’t know if what you are having is related to the PTU, but there is ONE MORE symptom that is part of the “syndrome” of symptoms of Graves’ disease. It is called ACROPATHY, and amounts to a flattening of the nail beds. Ihave only spoken to a handful of people that have it, and it has very little written about it. I will research it if anyone needs to know about it. Or, will anyone volunteer? It would be found under dermatology. It is one time that acrylic nails should qualify as a “medical expense”.


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            Interesting! About a month ago, I said to my husband, “Look at my nails, they are literally square. Straight up on the sides, then flat as a pancake on top.”

            I’ve always had hard nails but they are unusually hard now. I had to use the toenail clippers on them and have my husband do it with 2-handed pressure.

            Is it any wonder we get referred to shrinks with one zillion symptoms to report? Claudia

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              On my Endo’s report it says, “a little subungal separation of the fourth nail on the left hand and the third nail on the right hand.”
              I was wondering what the big deal was!! Those nails DO seem squared off & flat. Does this
              go away when levels stabilize, or will they be weird forever now?


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                Ah, you guys are lucky! My fingernails and toenails are all rounded off. I used to have the type that was square. Ah,no, reconfirmed by mother (standing next to me), she said she cut them that way. UGH!
                I can realte to the double-handed toenail clippers for fingernails. I think I’ll try the Dremel drill next time.

                Don’t scratch any chalkboards!

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                  Dear Nancy

                  I don’t know if you remember me but about 3 years ago you gave me
                  Dr. C.A. Gormans name. Well, needless to say I made the trip to Mayo
                  from Toledo, Ohio. I DO have ACROPACHY <---- note the spelling in case
                  you want to do research. I have almost everything available on it, which
                  is not much. The word ACRO is latin meaning extremities “Hands and feet”
                  PACHY, latin also is from the word pachyderm like a elephant or any
                  THICK SKINNED hoofed mammal. Your nail beds “CLUB” like a humping up,
                  your skin get an “orange peel” look to it. The hands become very large,
                  swollen and the periosteal breaks open. The bones can also grow WIDTH
                  wise. My ring size has gone from a size six, to a mans size 13 1/2!!!
                  What I would recomend is a trip to see Dr. Gorman. He is worth EVERY
                  CENT and then some. He is brilliant and GOOD LOOKING TO BOOT. He did
                  every thing he could for me, including an experimental protocal from Italy.

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                    The only fingernail symptom I ever saw was separation of the nail from
                    the bed in hyperthyroidism and slow rate of growth, brittleness in hypo.
                    Hope this helps!

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                      Look for a connection to a B vitamin deficiency. I believe I read that
                      longitudinal splits in the nail were caused by some type of vitamin
                      deficiency. If I run across this info again, I’ll post it. I have the
                      same problem— on the same nail – right thumb. Let me know if you find
                      a solution to our problem.

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