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      Latest test results are back and I am now officially hypo. TSH is at 30
      Jumped from .06 to 30 in 4 weeks. But I still have all the hyper symptoms. Guess it takes the body a while to catch up to the blood tests. T 4 was 2.65.
      Do I still have Graves Disease or now that I am hypo is that no longer true???? I am confused on that point. I thought Graves caused the
      hyperthyroidism and now since I am hypo is the Graves gone????
      AM I NO LONGER A GRAVES WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Am starting on .075mg of Levoxyl today. Feeling a little bit nervous on
      taking this medication,since I still feel hyper symptoms.
      This BB has been a geat support for me and thank you all for sharing
      your experiences



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